Stormy Recently Got Paid Again

If you’re following the sex and the money trails left by Trump, then you know that Stormy recently got paid again. Stormy demanded and received from Trump millions more to publicly announced that she didn’t have an affair with Trump. Hold up, this is good news all the way. How much do you wanna bet the hundreds of porn actresses that Trump already paid hush money to are coming back for a second payout? What, you don’t see why that’s not good news? It’s good news because it confirms my belief that hundreds of porn actresses outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump.

C’mon, the sex and money trails Trump left behind him on his way to the W.H. are the stories I’m interested in. I get it, why Trump and his cabal find scapegoats to conceal their own deviant sexual behavior. Trump’s Pimp image is a rating juggernaut in more ways than one. Our corporate news media had invested in ‘Pimp’ Trump long time ago.  It sells, but there’s always two sides to every coin. I ain’t mad at Trump, he ain’t the ‘Pimp’ he thought he was. How many ‘Pimps’ do you know who were outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered by hundreds of porn actresses. I only know one and his name is Donald Trump.

In one way, Trump has to steal from the Treasury of the United States. Paying out hush money to hundreds of porn actresses over and over again must be expen$ive. That and laundering money has its benefits. Word on the street is that in Trump’s world hush money is a porn actress’s best asset. Hush money is the gift that keeps on giving. Stormy got paid again, this time millions more than the first payout. If you follow the sex and the money trails Trump left behind him, you’ll never be bored.

Our corporate news media is fixated on the ‘Memo’ story. That’s cool because it means less competition for me.  That and the ‘Memo’ story is so boring. It numbs your brain, makes you vulnerable, and confirms that Trump has a lot of sex and money trails to conceal. Listen, I didn’t make this shithole up! 😉


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