Melania’s Vajayjay Is A Dumping Ground For Trump’s Infidelities

Hundreds of other women’s body fluids were transferred into Melania’s Vajayjay courtesy of Trump. How nasty is that? Men like Trump want to regulate a woman’s body and make it a dumping ground for their infidelities. That’s a heavy price to pay for being Mrs. Trump.

It wouldn’t surprise me to know that every woman in Trump’s administration had sex with Trump to get their jobs. That Trump passed them around like paper dolls. That the women in Trump’s administration had to literally sleep their way up the ladder. Wonder how many women in Trump’s administration had sex with Bannon? Or had sex with Stephen Miller? Or with Jeff Sessions?

Melania might be pissed that after Trump had sex with Kellyanne Conway and then with Sarah Huckabee, he’d immediately went upstairs and had sex with her. C’mon, ladies how would you feel if you knew Sarah Huckabee’s body fluids were dumped into your Vajayjay?

Hello, don’t feel sorry for Melania, she has the best doctors money can buy to treat her STDs.


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