The GOP Turned A Blind Eye To Trump

Trump’s supporters turned a blind eye to Trump. Our corporate news media turned a blind eye to Trump. It’s time for Democrats to turn a blind eye to Trump. You feeling me?

The good news is that Republicans hold Democratic Presidents to a higher standard for immoral reasons. While simultaneously, Liberals hold every President to a higher standard for virtuoso reasons. Say what you want about Madam President, but she kicked ass and took numbers.

C’mon, how can anyone take Trump seriously? Hundreds of porn actresses outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. No telling how many millions of dollars Trump paid in hush money to hundreds of porn actresses? No telling how many times Trump had unprotected sex with hundreds of women then went home and shared his sexually transmitted diseases with Melania. That’s how little empathy Trump has towards his own wife and Trump’s supporters think Trump loves them? I wonder if the GOP and Trump’s supporters would turn a blind eye to their spouses if their spouses treated them the same way Trump treated Melania by giving her STDs?


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