Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump and the GOP.  Don’t get it twisted, Liberals have their share of Saboteurs. Five Democrats sabotaged The Dreamers: McCaskill (MO), Manchin (WV), Donnelly (IN), Jones (AL), and Heitkamp (ND). Those five racist shitholes joined the shithole Republicans. No surprise there.

Stormy Daniels and McCaskill, Manchin, Donnelly, Jones, and Heitkamp have a lot in common. Given enough hush money, they’ll keep their deviant sexual tryst with Donald Trump and a few Russian prostitutes a secret. If Stormy Daniels got $130,000, Enquiring minds want to know how much hush money did those five racist shitholes masquerading as Democrats receive?

I just hope the Democratic voters in MO, WV, IN, AL, and ND, felt duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked as much if not more than all the Republican voters in America. Trump laundered Russian money, took some of that money to pay hush money to hundreds of porn actresses which included five elected Democrats. As if that wasn’t enough, Trump used some of that laundered money to hire Russian prostitutes to pee on him and his cabal. Not only that, but elected Republicans in the House and Senate laundered money for Russia, and used some of that money to pay hush money to their own sexual trysts outside of their marriages.

#GOPtaxscam is the mother of all betrayals. Hiring Russian prostitutes ain’t cheap. Paying out millions of dollars in hush money to porn actresses like Daniels, McCaskill, Manchin, Donnelly, Jones, and Heitkamp ain’t cheap. Psychological manipulations on racists shitholes ain’t cheap. Now you know why the wealthiest among us need tax cuts. Just sayin’!


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