Now I Know What Omarosa Meant When She Said, “They Will Have To Bow Down To “The Most Powerful Man In The Universe.”

By ‘They’ Omarosa meant porn stars, Russian prostitutes, the GOP, Uncle Ruckus, and Aunt Jemima. Trump’s hush money payments to porn stars are up to $130,000. I’m wondering how much hush money Trump will pay to Omarosa?

I get it why the wealthiest among us got a tax cut. Their hush money fund ain’t gonna pay for itself. Trump and men like Trump paid hush money to hundreds of women. That and the price of a Russian prostitute ain’t cheap. #GOPtaxscam is the mother of all betrayals. Trump and the GOP duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked their constituents for the umpteenth time.

Even more impressive, Michael Wolff outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump and the GOP. A Saboteur or Saboteurs within Trump’s inner circle betrayed Trump for the umpteenth time. The ‘Which Hunt’ at the W.H. to find which Saboteur(s) in Trump’s inner circle betrayed Trump. Word on the street is that Trump’s alter ego, John Barron, sabotaged Trump. What a Shithole.


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