Hush, Hush Sweet Trump

Word on the street is that Ms. Daniels was seen laughing all the way to the bank. Can you blame her? She’d seen Trump’s Pinky Finger and struggled to keep her composure. Now you know why Russian prostitutes refer to Trump as Pee Wee Sherman. Get this, according to Steve Bannon, you remember him, the unkempt white supremacist, aka Trump’s girlfriend. Well, he said there were hundreds of women that Trump took care of. Methinks Trump’s hush money fund runs deep.

How embarrassing for Melania? Well, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Just sayin’!

Is it possible that a Saboteur in Trump’s inner circle exposed #hushmoneygate? Or was it Trump’s ex-girlfriend Steve Bannon that sabotaged Trump by exposing #hushmoneygate? Or was it Melania? Was it someone who works at FOXNEWS? Mmmmmmm…Enquiring minds want to know.

Listen up Liberals, whatever we do from this point on we can rest assure that Trump’s and his cabal’s time is up. The best part, they can blame their enablers.

Truth be told, Liberals have better things to do, like Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, increased benefits to Social Security, just to name a few. Millions of Americans don’t carry the burden of mental and moral weaknesses like the millions of Americans who voted for and/or defended Trump. I can’t imagine how they feel knowing they’d hitch their horse onto a shithole’s wagon.


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