Bannon Was Trump’s First Political Wife

Here me out. Bannon seduced Trump with flattery. The same flattery he used recently to get Trump’s attention. You’ve seen this love triangle before? Because no sooner after Trump stole the U.S. Presidency, Murdoch swooped in and stole Trump away from Bannon. Bannon got extremely jealous of Murdoch to the degree that Murdoch had Trump kick Bannon out of the White House. Murdoch knew that if Trump threw Bannon out of the White House it meant Trump said, ‘Yes’ to the dress. Trump and Murdoch had a brief romance before Murdoch married Trump.  Prior to the union of Trump and Murdoch, and in Republican’s circles, Bannon and Trump were the ‘It’ couple. Shhhhhh, don’t tell Bannon, but he’ll be forever known as Trump’s first political wife.

Since we know that #GOPtaxscam is the mother of all betrayals, we’re about to get a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg of all the other betrayals. C’mon, one of the first prerequisites for becoming a Republican is practicing the art of betrayal. It wouldn’t surprise me if Murdoch told Bannon to publicly praise Trump. Betrayal after betrayal, from the who’s who of sexually repressed white con men. Does it get any better than this? 😉

Folks are we witnessing the 21st Century, ‘Clash Of The Thots?’



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