A Trojan Horse Named #taxscam

You knew this day was coming. Trump and the GOP swallowed the ‘#taxscam Bait’ hook, line, and sinker. There’s no turning back for Trump and the GOP because the entire world knows that Hillary Clinton, outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump and the GOP again. But, and this is hilarious, in order for Trump and the GOP to save face, they laugh alongside the world laughing at them. Trump’s and the GOP’s code name is ‘Tears of a Clown.’

Trump and the GOP are deathly afraid that their gun-toting, confederate flag waving, porn-addicted supporters will figure out that they’d been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by #taxscam. Why? Because hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, confederate flag waving, porn-addicted Trump supporter scorned.

Trust me, Trump and the GOP sleep with one eye opened. They don’t trust anyone, especially and because recently they’d realized their biggest blunder (#taxscam) was revenged served cold. Who thought #taxscam was a good idea? Trump and the GOP are scapegoating #taxscam.

While the cat’s away…Liberals we have a lot to look forward to like Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increased benefits for Social Security. Now, don’t you feel a lot better?


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