Tsunami 2018 Aftermath

Democrats are the Red Cross in this situation. We always save the world after every Republican shit storm. I ain’t complaining, no, just the opposite, I’m dancing in the street. Liberals had, will, and always stand up for Democracy.

When did Trump and the GOP become our center of the universe? Enquiring minds want to know. 😉 Here’s the deal, I’ll bring to fruition, with the help of millions of Americans, Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increase the benefits of Social Security and Medicare. You just keep watching the three stooges, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell. The entire world is laughing at them.

Say what you want about Liberals, but we’re prepared for healing millions of Americans caught in the path of Tsunami 2018 that will wipe out the GOP.

If you want to help others be prepared for Tsunami 2018, tell them to read my blog. The life you save may be your own! 😉




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