All thanks to their deviant sexual predator and Racist-In-Chief. #taxscam is the mother of all betrayals and the three stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly, aka the architects of #taxscam are a laughingstock.

Luckily for Liberals, we have bigger fish to fry. As much as we would love watching the tsunami 2018 wipe out the GOP, trust me, it will be the conversation of the decade. In less than ten short years, after swallowing the shit sandwiches from the 1%, the GOP is full of shit.

Imma break it down biblically for Evangelical Christians. God created the first woman and then created the first man. I know what sexually repressed white con men want you to believe, but it ain’t necessarily so, the things that you’re liable to read in their bible, it ain’t necessarily so.

Moving on, we, Liberals honor everyone’s worthiness to receive abundance. Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increased benefits to Social Security and Medicare are just a few of those abundances worth mentioning.