Roy Moore Is In The First Stage of Grieving

Over the demise of his political aspirations. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Roy and to Trump. Oh, my bad, you don’t know, well honey child you’ve come to the right blog this morning. Trump is also grieving over the demise of his political aspirations. Roy Moore and Donald Trump are synonymous with laughingstock. They’re only entertainment.

#taxscam is synonymous with laughingstock as well. C’mon, when did kowtowing to the 1% become the new normal? Oh, I get it, when sexually repressed white con men made up all the rules. In order to compensate for their lack of manhood, men like Trump are Saboteurs. Oh, my bad, you didn’t know that betrayal is an aphrodisiac for sexually repressed white con men. #taxscam is the mother of all betrayals. I ain’t mad at the GOP because hell hath no fury like a gun-carrying confederate flag waving patriot scorned.

While the cat is away, Liberals will slay. Your mission Liberals, if you choose to accept it, vote and elect more Democrats in every election, bring to fruition Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increase the benefits to Social Security and Medicare.


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