Trump Caught On Tape Offering Putin The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars

Why? Because Trump swallowed the ‘Russian Sanctions Bait’ hook, line, and sinker. But, and here’s the other good news, Trump behaves like a guilty man. Oh, but it gets better because Trump’s supporters are clueless about Trump’s betrayal. Trump will do anything, say anything to divert attention away from his biggest humiliation. Trump was outwitted, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered by President Obama again. This was the umpteenth time President Obama played Trump like a violin. Imma break it down biblically for Trump’s supporters, President Obama is the wise man who built his house on rock. It stood up to a destructive nature. Trump is the foolish man who built his house on sand. It felled with a great crash.

I’d betted the farm that Trump’s supporters would love my biblically view of our current political environment. You’re welcome. Know this, you can always think big by voting Democratic. You have that option, just saying! When you feel your oneness with everyone, you’ll also feel your own worthiness.

President Obama was/is aligned with Infinite Patience. I rest my case.

I’m going to share my marbles with Trump’s supporters, letting them know that they too can align with Infinite Patience. My attitude finds a path less traveled allowing me to focus on Universal HealthCare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increased benefits to Social Security.


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