Trump Got Punk’D

Again. Hello, you won’t hear this on FOXNEWS, but Trump swallowed the ‘Russian Sanctions Bait’ hook, line, and sinker. Well, you already know why. Because Trump’s ego is enormous. Second only to Trump’s betrayals which at this point are astronomical. Trump betrayed his supporters again with #taxscam. Trump smiles in front of their faces but behind their backs, Trump is a traitor.

Oh, but it gets better because the GOP laid down in Trump’s bed of deceit and got up infected with treasonous behavior. There’s no trust among Saboteurs and trust me Trump is surrounded by Saboteurs. Who’s zooming who?

Liberals have bigger fish to fry than waste time trying to rehabilitate fake Conservatives. Let them be, while we focus on Universal Healthcare, Income/Marriage Equality, and increasing the benefits of Social Security. Just to name a few goals we can reach by 2020. We deserve the best life as to offer and that means a Democratic President and majorities in the House and Senate. Amen!


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