Trump Slurred His Words Because He Got Punk’D

Trump swallowed the ‘Russian Sanction Bait’ hook, line, and sinker and the rest is comedy history. C’mon, Trump, and his cabal reacted to President Obama’s Russian sanctions hastily and foolishly. Consequently, their conversations with Russian spies were recorded, meetings with those Russian spies were videotaped, and extracurricular activities with Russian prostitutes videos earned the title, ‘Pee Scandal.’ As recently as December of 2016, President Obama set a trap and Trump walked right into it. Trump’s fear of being a worldwide laughingstock manifested into him slurring his words.

Trump’s and the GOP’s supporters are in for a rude awakening because #taxscam is an upfront betrayal. Trump and the GOP publicly betrayed their supporters in the most brutal and cruel way.  Trump’s and the GOP’s #taxscam gave the wealthiest among us more wealth. Well, it just proves that sexually repressed senile white con men are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party.

Fake-Conservatism is all the rage in the Bible belt and beyond. What else would you expect from all those Debbie Downers? Of course, they prefer a known hell, it’s in their DNA. Trump and the GOP are just giving those Debbie Downers the hell that they believe they deserve. As for the these of us, thanks, but no thanks.

Liberals we have plenty to keep us busy for the next 100 years or more. Universal Healthcare, Income and Marriage Equality and increasing the benefits of Social Security. Let’s Do It!


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