Trump’s Supporters Are Suspicion

Of having been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked by Trump. Or should I say by #taxscam? The proof is really in the pudding. #taxscam publicly humiliated Trump’s supporters as much as it was a windfall for the 1%. There’s an old saying, ‘Kill two birds with one stone.’ I’m starting to believe that Trump threw the stone.

Listen up Liberals, we no longer need proof that Trump betrayed his supporters. We have all the proof we’ll ever need or want. Oh, and by the way we, Liberals are rolling on the floor laughing at Trump and the GOP’s #taxscam because it already backfired. All Trump and the GOP got was instant gratification. The thrill is gone and the agony of defeat had taken over in the minds of Trump and the GOP. They know that they were duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked by President Obama back in December 2016. It was brilliant. Just proves that President Obama is a genius.

We, Liberals already have a full plate, as in Universal Healthcare, Income and Marriage Equality, and higher payments to Social Security recipients. That’s just a few of the many ways, we, Liberals honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. It’s truly is a new day.


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