Russiagate Is Synonymous With Trump

Here’s the truth, Trump, and the GOP got jiggy with the Russian sanctions back in December of 2016, but today they’re living with the fear that President Obama outwitted them. Anyone paying attention can easily see the look of regret in Trump’s, Ryan’s, McConnell…eyes. They reacted to the Russian sanctions like they reacted to everything President Obama did, hastily and foolishly. Knowing that and feeling that President Obama used Trump’s the GOP’s egos against them It was brilliant.

Here’s the other truth, the GOP got compensated for defending Trump. Like Russian prostitutes, the GOP peed all over their constituents. Anyone paying attention knows that #taxscam is synonymous with Laughingstock. The entire world is laughing at Trump and the GOP. Their #taxscam was nothing more than a public humiliation for Republican voters. They trusted Trump, but today they have to live with the agony of betrayal.

Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉



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