Trump And The GOP Are Divorcing

Because Trump is going to publicly blame the GOP while the GOP will publicly blame Trump for their #taxscam backfiring. It’s already a nasty divorce and one day closer to being a public brawl. C’mon, #taxscam is synonymous with Laughingstock. I rest my case.

We have bigger fish to fry, like Universal Healthcare, Income, and Marriage Equality and raising the benefits of Social Security. Our plate is full and we’re looking forward to dessert. Now more than ever Success Is The Best Revenge.

Make it happen today by giving yourself a pat on the back for honoring every American and our worthiness to receive abundance.

Don’t worry about Trump or the GOP, because their futures are bright. They’ll tour the country as the ‘King’s Jesters Of Comedy.’ You have to admit that Trump is one day closer to being impeached by his own political party. Now you have to admit, that’s funny. Divorcing are sometimes messy, but we saw this nasty divorce coming back in 2016.



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