Trump’s House Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Trump’s House is a franchise of comedy clubs. Where Trump and his cabal find a second career as stand up comedians. Seriously, they’re just perfecting their craft as stand up comedians when they’re on cable news channels, or tweeting, or in front of a crowd. It’s too bad that some of us take Trump’s comedy routine to heart and allow him to erode our self-esteem.

I can just see it now, Paul Ryan, Bitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions, and Ben Carson traveling from state to state performing in Trump’s House Comedy Club as the ‘King’s Jesters Of Comedy.’ Their distinctively sexually repressed con men perspective will have audiences ROTFLMAO.

Oh wait, it gets better because ‘The Wacko Queens Of Comedy’ tour feathering, Sarah Palin, Sarah Huckabee, Kellyanne Conway, and Omarosa will also be performing at Trump’s House. Their distinctively anti-female perspective will also have audiences ROTFLMAO.

Yeah, buddy, Trump, and his cabal will flourish in their new careers as stand up comedians. You can see a preview of Trump and his cabal’s comedy routine everytime they have something to say.


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