Remember The Moment In Time When President Obama Was Elected

President Obama’s Presidency was a spiritual,┬ápeaceful, and prosperous force that I’d felt from the moment he announced his Presidential campaign with no end in sight. Trust me President Obama’s Infinite Patience was contagious. My alignment with President Obama’s Infinite Patience had its benefits. One of those benefits was surviving Trump’s contagiously toxic Presidency. In other words, the force is within. OK, what more proof do you need that the Republican Party is a known hell and that millions of Americans prefer to live in a known hell. I ain’t mad at Republicans, they’re a great source of drama.

Will Trump’s contagiously toxic Presidency be the last political nightmare? No! Because the Republican Party is here to stay. I really don’t have a problem with that, because I honor every American’s worthiness to chose to live in heaven or hell. We already know which political party is a known hell.

It’s time to move forward and for me, that means a livable wage for every working American. Will my purpose be easy? No! But, feeling worthy like we did on November 4, 2008, was contagious. Well, we have the authority to feel that kind of worthiness every moment. That’s when you’ll feel freedom from the nightmare of Trump’s contagiously toxic Presidency.


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