The Nightmare Is Over, It’s A New Day

Hey Liberals, give yourselves a pat on the back because we survived this nightmare. A majority of us made it through this shit storm unscathed. A few of us are still trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I’m here to shine that light. I feel you, so no judgement here, but honestly, you’re a survivor, you survived the nightmare of a Trump’s Presidency. Now repeat after me, “Liberals are the epitome of success.” Nothing or no one can hold a Liberal down. Not even a contagiously toxic Trump Presidency.

The nightmare is over, it’s a new day. When it’s all said and done, Madame President Hillary Clinton won the 2016 Presidential election, shit happened, but we survived. Come to think of it, everyday Trump behaves like a guilty man who aided and abetted a foreign country. Why just recently Trump’s already deflated ego was easily bruised by Schumer and Pelosi to the degree that Trump held a press conference to evoke sympathy from his most gullible supporters, aka our corporate news media. There really is honor among pedophiles.

The other good news is that because Liberals survived the contagiously toxic Trump Presidency, we’re immune from the virus known as, ‘Prefer to live in a known hell.’ We conquered that mountain, the nightmare is over, it’s a new day.


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