Hey Trump Supporter, You Call That Winning?

Seriously, Trump was and still is in collusion with a foreign country, he aided and abetted this foreign country. His collusion included, by was not limited to stealing the 2016 Presidential election.  And Trump’s supporters call that ‘winning?’

I guess I don’t have to wonder why Trump’s supporters are enraged. It obvious, because Trump publicly behaves like a guilty man. Trump and his cabal stole the Presidential election and today they’re stealing the U.S. Government’s Treasury. Stealing is what Trump does best. He’s a thief, con man, and sleight of hand charlatan extraordinaire. And Trump’s supporters call that ‘winning?’

Here’s the one fact everyone needs to know about Trump’s supporters, ‘They prefer to live in a known hell.’ If a President Louis Farrakhan proclaimed, ‘The Reparations For Slavery Act’ a legal and binding contract to give $10 million dollars to each descendant of slavery…c’mon…Trump’s supporters would rush to have a DNA test performed on them, praying it determined they were of African descent. Or they’d collapse under the weight of their own fears. Either way, Trump’s supporter’s nonchalant, dismissive, and superior attitudes would fade away fast and their bitch would come out. Imma break it down biblically for Evangelical Christians: See the image of GOD in all men. If GOD wanted Trump to be President, then GOD wants Louis Farrakhan to become the next President.

Just think of it, a redistribution of wealth to African-Americans called ‘Trickle Up Economics.’  #MRGA MAKE REPARATIONS GREAT AGAIN hats will be available soon! 😉



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