Liberals Are The Epitome Of Success

Now that I’ve got your attention, give yourself an applause if you’re a Liberal. You deserve your abundance and trust me, Liberals are the epitome of Success. So, the next time someone uses the word Liberal as a derogatory word, sit down and be humble. Liberals got this.

Imagine if you will, a Louis Farrakhan Presidency, and how those folks supporting Trump would react knowing that Louis Farrakhan was in collusion with a foreign country and stole the Presidency from the Republican candidate. That one of the first Executive Orders that a President Louis Farrakhan would sign, ‘The Reparations For Slavery Act.’ A $10 million dollar payout from the Government to every African-American in America. But before all this drama happened, then-candidate Louis Farrakhan publicly referred to white people in America as ‘Devils.’ Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

The good news is that Liberals have a bird’s nest on the ground. Our worst nightmare had come true, Trump is the President of the United States. But you know what, Liberals are unaffected by fear, we’d conquered that fear, we’re able to see the humorous side of a Trump’s Presidency. Here’s the humorous side: Imagine how Trump’s supporters would react to a Louis Farrakhan Presidency? C’mon, a Louis Farrakhan Presidency would definitely be on the top of Trump’s supporters worst nightmare list. Trump’s supporters wouldn’t be so nonchalant, so smug, and so racist. Oh, my bad, they’d still be racist. Suffice it to say, Trump’s supporters would also be more enraged, aghast, and offended. I could easily see Trump’s supporters collapsing under the weight of their own fears. FOXNEWS would cease to exist. Because Conservatives would feel so under attack, so panic-stricken, and so heartbroken to watch FOXNEWS. Does that feel familiar Liberals? OK, we conquered that fear, remember that.  Trust me the Republican’s tax cuts for the wealthiest among us is synonymous with ‘Reparations For Slavery.’ 

Now you’re feeling liberating, it feels good, I know. Now you’re feeling pride in being a Liberal. It’s a win, win. Here’s another example of abundance that President Obama’s supporters received: Liberals felt good within and were able to see the opportunity to support the most prolific President since Bill Clinton.  Supporting President Obama’s Presidency is a gift that keeps on giving. MAKE REPARATIONS GREAT AGAIN!

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