A Racist Pedophile

Now don’t get confused because I’m not talking about our Dickhead-In-Chief. While it’s true that the man I’m talking about is a racist pedophile and a politician. He’s just the latest homophobic to be exposed as a racist pedophile. You can bet he spends a lot of money on his extracurricular deviant sexual activities. That’s why tax cuts for the wealthiest among us are extremely popular among Republicans in Congress.

Oh, I know all about the Republican’s big little lies about their tax cut reform being a gift from heaven. However, if your agenda is that your deviant sexual activities be paid with taxpayer money, then yes, it’s a gift from heaven. Which begs the question: ‘Why are wealthy, homophobic, racist pedophiles sucking on the Government teet?’ Answer: ‘Because they paid millions of dollars to wealthy, homophobic, racist pedophiles in Congress to suck on the Government teet as much and as long as they want.’

Those same wealthy, homophobic, racist pedophiles are jealous of anyone else seeking to suck on the Government teet. They despise anyone who dares to suck on the Government teet. They call them names, tell them to leave the country, and write legislation making it impossible for anyone other than wealthy, homophobic, racist pedophiles to get near the Government teet.

Here’s the real deal, we’re supposed to feel patriotic towards the wealthy, homophobic, racist pedophiles in Congress and towards their tax cuts to the wealthiest, homophobic, racist pedophiles. Not only does tax cuts for the wealthiest, homophobic, racist pedophiles among us pay for their deviant sexual behavior, it proves to them that they’re superior.

Here’s the reality that the Roy Moore’s among us live in denial. Trust me, homophobic racist pedophiles are a dime a dozen among the wealthiest among us. Since like attracts like it would explain why the Republican Party is in bed with the wealthiest, homophobic, racist pedophiles.

Any questions? 😉



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