Sexually Repressed Senile Old White Con Men aka Republican Donors

The bigger the tax cut, the tinier the penis. Our Dickhead-In-Chief ain’t fooling nobody, except those sniveling, gun-toting, inbred, bitch-ass cowards aka white supremacists. It’s so easy to fool white supremacists that even a Dickhead could do it. The rest of us know our Dickhead-In-Chief has the intelligence of a doorknob. His greatest skill is grabbing women’s pu**ies. Sexually repressed, senile, white con men, aka Republican donors are sexual predators. That’s why they need a tax cut. To pay for their extracurricular deviant sexual activities. To include, but not limited to: Hiring Russian prostitutes to pee on their faces, hiring male prostitutes, coercing female employees into sex slaves, grabbing men and women’s private parts, incest, and pedophilia.

Republican voters condone these sexual predators because they falsely believe they’re so superior. The jokes on them.

Don’t get it twisted, because elected Republicans engage in the same deviant sexual behavior as their wealthy donors. But, and here’s the best part, elected Republicans engage in this deviant sexual behavior while standing on a pulpit. Well, I guess it is true, that they’re mimicking those sexual predators known as ‘Religious Leaders.’

Paul Ryan and Bitch McConnell ain’t fooling nobody because we all know they’re our Dickhead-In-Chief’s favorite cock holsters.

Thanks to the merging of misogyny and racism with our corporate news media apparatus, our Dickhead-In-Chief is held in high esteem.

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