A Bushmaster Gun Catalog Is Porn For Republicans

It’s no secret that elected Republicans are Dickheads. Meaning they’re sexually repressed white con men. In order to conceal their deviant sexual behavior, they find scapegoats. By now you know those mass shootings are an aphrodisiac for Dickheads. When a Dickhead sends his thoughts and prayers to the victims of gun violence, he’s really being grateful for jerking off.

The NRA is a cult for sexually repressed white con men aka Dickheads. Wayne LaPierre never saw a mass shooting he didn’t like. In the NRA circle, the bigger the gun, the tinier the penis.

Hold up, our Dickhead-In-Chief can’t wait for the next mass shooting. It’s cheaper than Viagra, more powerful than Russian prostitute’s pee, and able to erect the tiniest penises.

A shout out to Republican voters for being complicit in these mass shootings. What, did you really think I didn’t know that Republican voters are Dickheads? Guns compensate for your lack of manhood. For Republican voters, mass shootings are better than sex.