Mass Shootings Are An Aphrodisiac For Dickheads

For sexually repressed white con men, aka Dickheads, mass shootings are better than sex. C’mon, the truth is that the bigger the gun, the tinier the penis. Why do you think Dickheads send their thoughts and prayers to the victims of gun violence? It’s linguistic code for concealing their sexual inadequacies.

Bushmaster Firearms replacing small penises one AR-15 rifle at a time.

Mass shootings arouse sexual desire for sexually repressed white con men, aka Dickheads to host another Golden Shower party.

The NRA is a passion potion for Dickheads.

A Bushmaster catalog is porn for Dickheads

Mass shootings are cheaper than Viagra

Guns don’t kill people, Dickheads do

Wayne LaPierre never saw a mass shooting he didn’t like

Gun control will prevent sexual arousal for Dickheads


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