Stand Up To The Master-Slave Mentality

Let’s dismantle the master-slave mentality so prevalent in America. Where men like Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Rick Perry, Sean Hannity, Jerry Jones and others, i.e., sexually repressed, senile, old white con men are partying like it’s 1899. Where the only kneeling they approve of is when a stripper is kneeling in front of their groin. Or when Trump is kneeling in front of Putin’s groin. Or when Republicans are kneeling in front of Trump’s groin. Or when FOXNEWS female employees are coerced into kneeling down in front of their male co-worker’s groin.

NFL players if you’re looking for a reason to stand, stand up against and help dismantle the master-slave mentality so prevalent in the NFL, police union, politics, education, religion, and other institutions in America.

Stand up against the master-slave mentality so prevalent in our corporate news media. Where a Narcissistic Sociopath like Trump gets a pass when we all know his collusion with Russia is pure evil.

If Republicans persist in dismantling all the Government programs, i.e. Healthcare, Social Security, Education, etc…, and strip away our rights as women, GLBTQ, etc…, just to help the wealthiest among us accumulate more wealth then we should persist in dismantling their master-slave mentality. Kneeling

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