It Was Inevitable That The Hunter Is Now The Prey — October 3, 2017

It Was Inevitable That The Hunter Is Now The Prey

All those gun-toting wannabe gangstas, compensating for their own lack of manhood, well guess what, now you’re the prey. That’s right, how are those 2nd Amendment rights protecting you from a homegrown terrorist? Yeah, you keep voting for politicians who are in bed with the NRA because sooner not later your ass will be running for your life because a 2nd Amendment sociopath with a gun will be aiming it at you.

Trump, the Republican Party, nor the NRA give a fuck about you or me. Trump’s collusion with Russia is evil. The Republican Party’s fleecing of America is evil. The NRA’s stranglehold on the Republican Party is evil.¬†Money is the root of all this evil. Gun$ over people, that’s what America stands for.

Republicans voters are complicit in all of these mass shootings. Oh, and by the way, finding a scapegoat to conceal your complicity is futile.

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