The Birther King 2.0

Trump is repeating what he did in 2011. He rode his racist horse then and yes he was held in high esteem by our corporate news media. Back then, Trump was a white supremacist and today he’s still a white supremacist. Back then, Trump attacked a Black man with racism, and today, he attacked another Black man with racism. Back then, our corporate news media gave him a racist platform and today our corporate news media gave him a racist platform. Nothing has changed in six years except Trump colluded with a foreign country, i.e. Russia and illegally seized the 2016¬†Presidential election. How fucking deplorable was that? Trump is the epitome of a treasonous traitor to America and is the last person to judge what is and what is not consider patriotism.

Sexually repressed, senile old white con men like Trump are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party and in the boardrooms of our corporate news media.

Impeach Trump

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