Trump’s Torrid Affair With Our Corporate News Media Is Hot And Hotter.

They’re back in love again just like in 2011, when Trump was the Birther King. A romance like that never ends. Yeah, they broke up, but baby, they’re back together and it feels so good. Trump’s antics are the Gold standard in politics thanks to the brothel known as FOXNEWS. I ain’t mad at Trump, this fatal attraction is as toxic as Flint Michigan’s Republican Party.  Republicans wear the crown of Pro-Life, yet it didn’t bother them to poison thousands of Flint Michigan children with toxic water.

Trump is a white supremacist, yet our corporate news media has no problem holding Trump in high esteem. Trump is the standard of excellence in politics which is being a sexually repressed, senile, old white con man.

Hillary Clinton should investigate the 2016 Presidential election results. Because we already know that Trump was and still is in collusion with Russia. I’d love to see our corporate news media hold treason in high esteem. Oh, my bad, it’s already in bed with Trump.

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