Remember When Some Democrats Publicly Dispised President Obama

Because he didn’t part the ocean or display any of the other ‘GOD’ like abilities his distractors suddenly took to heart. So they turned their backs on him. Suffice it to say, millions of Americans had to compare President Obama to GOD to justify hating him.

However, today, in 2017 Trump lowered the bar, it’s actually underground.  Because Trump is being compared to a charlatan. A charlatan like Trump exploited millions of Americans for his own personal gratification. He seduced them by talking dirty to them about building a wall and deporting eleven million Americans. Then Trump screwed them because Trump won’t build a wall and he won’t deport eleven million Americans. The good news is that Trump does one thing and he does it better than anyone, Trump grabs women like Paul Ryan and Bitch McConnell by the p***y.

Trump can’t minimize his collusion with Russia, no matter what distractions he creates. Distractions are futile because Trump’s collusion with Russia is this decades biggest political scandal. Trump’s collusion with Russia nullified, reneged, invalidated, annulled, and rescinded the 2016 Presidential results to the degree that Trump’s supporters are publicly dispising Trump for it.

Don’t worry, she got this!

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