The Shit Storm Known As Trump

Know this, Republicans were publicly dissed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked by Trump to the degree, that most of them are still in shock. But, we warned them and they didn’t believe us, so what can we say? We were fortunate to be able to evacuate, we were able to get to the safer ground,  we got out of harm’s way, and we survived unscathed. We, the rest of America knew that inevitably Trump would betray the Republican Party. It was just a matter of when he would do it? Well and understandably, Hurricane Irma had captured all the attention, and rightfully so, but Trump’s betrayal of the Republican Party did not go unnoticed by me. It was a dream come true for Liberals, just like I’d imagined.

The only people left for Trump to betray are white supremacists. Sit back and watch the show. Pass the popcorn!


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