The End Of Nazism

Nazism was no match for Mother Nature. Ever notice how Trump and Republicans behave like they’re addicted to penis enlargement pills. Nazism is a cover. A thinly veiled cover, but nevertheless, it ain’t working for Trump, nor for Republicans. It was inevitable that Republicans would turn against each other. That’s what I call, ‘Climate Change.’ Frankly, is it wrong that I’m smiling?

Listen, we, the rest of Americans, think Trump is irrelevant. His slapstick, vaudeville act is stale, repetitive, boring, ancient, and a big snooze fest. Trump is addicted to penis enlargement pills, do you really take him seriously?

Pass legislations to ban the use, sale, and distribution of penis enlargement pills and Trump coupled with Republicans/Fake Christians/Sugar Babies will disappear.

What’s the difference between a Republican and a Sugar Baby? A Sugar Baby is a lot smarter and that ain’t saying much, considering that Melania Trump is a Sugar Baby. Oops, there it is!

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