P**** Envy Nazis

C’mon, it’s no secret to why Nazis have the propensity to pass legislation regarding female reproductive abilities. They have p**** envy. Suffice it to say, Nazis like Trump and the Republican Party, are referred to as, ‘Tinker Balls.’ It’s the reason why they’re all addicted to penis enlargement pills. They don’t even have a manhood. Opps! But in order to fulfill their huge egos, they’d find scapegoats. However, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

Nazis like Trump and the Republican Party are kaput. Nazism is not as popular as their huge egos once believed. Yeah, it’s no secret that Trump is a Nazi, the question I have is, ‘Are you a Nazi sympathizer or an American?” Because you can’t be both.

Only a Nazi would terminate a female employee from her job based on her use of birth control pills. If that’s not the epitome of p**** envy, I don’t know what to tell you! So, thank you Missouri Republicans for exposing the Nazis masquerading as business owners. 😉

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