Republicans Are Nazi Sympathizers

Who would have thunk it that in 2017, the Republican Party was synonymous with Nazism. Of course, that’s the only way they can stay in power. Aligning with Nazis like Trump, Pence, Sessions, Arpaio, Bannon, just to name a few, was the first prerequisite for being a Republican. As far as Republican voters are concerned, well Imma just say, “Good luck being Nazi sympathizers.” 

Paul Ryan and Bitch McConnell are Nazi sympathizers. But, here’s the best part, Nazi sympathizers like Ryan and McConnell exploit racist white supremacists masquerading as NFL owners for their own personal gratification. Who’s zooming who?

Well, truth be told, pardoning Arpaio was an aphrodisiac for Trump. He fucked the Latino community for the umpteenth time.

Inevitably, Trump will fuck the Nazis, but for now, he’ll just keep remaining limp by exploiting Nazis for his own personal gratifications.

Listen, during 2013 Trump was in bed with our corporate news media. Well, back then, Trump publicly wore his birther hat. He became the Birther King and our corporate new media had it their way. They were in bed with Trump and the sex was good. However, today in 2017, Trump is calling them a”Fake.” Linguistic code for, ‘Whore.’ Now, you tell me, who’s the biggest P.I.M.P.? Warning, anyone who sleeps with Trump, trust me, afterward, he will publicly shame you by calling you a Whore.

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