I Ain’t Mad At Conservatives

They’re a laugh a minute. C’mon, why the fuck is this not a good idea? Trump threw out a diversion bomb and dissed the Latino community with one stone. Trump hilariously pardoned a Nazi because Trump is a Nazi, but up until last night, those in the Latino community who still supported Trump, found out what the rest of us already knew, Trump doesn’t give a fuck about anybody.

OK, Latino welcome to the club. The pain will soon be replaced by laughter. Trust me, things are not as dark as I’d once believed. Trump and his cabal are gifted con men. Gifted because so many Americans had been fooled by them. I was once angry about Trump’s racist birther debacle because Trump was held in high esteem by our corporate news media. The same corporate news media that today Trump refers to it as fake news.

In conclusion, some very foolish Latino did what some many of us had done before. They put all their eggs in one basket, only to found out that con men really don’t give a fuck about them.

Nazis are in control of America’s Presidency, Senate, and House. Who would have thunk it? 😉

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