Trump’s Nazi Brigade

A brigade of sniveling bitch ass cowards ready to defend some fucked up racist monuments, but won’t defend their country from Nazis, because they’re Nazis. Like their Nazi President, they talk a lot of ignorant shit. They can afford to, because of the millions of Nazi sympathizers living in America. They all get their talking points from a brothel known as FOXNEWS. Truth be told, sexually repressed, senile, old white con men like Trump are a dime a dozen. It begs the question, who’s zooming who?

Trump’s Nazi brigade, listen up, you’re in for a rude awakening. Trump doesn’t give a fuck about you. He exploits your racism for his own personal gratification. Trump has one good quality, his behavior is the stuff Bloggers like me love to blog about. Think about this, narcissism is an equal opportunity abuser. Trump abused his ex-wives and abuses his current wife. He slept/sleeps with them and you think Trump cares about you? Trump betrayed vendors, people who sold him their services or products only to be swindled by Trump. Trump betrayed the Republican Party, desecrated every GOP candidate in the 2016 Primaries. Every thing he touches turns to horse maneuver. Yet, millions of Americans are devoted to Trump.

Is there a mental health crisis in America? I think so! We need to address the elephant in the room. We need to stand up against Nazism, impeach the Nazi in the White House, and elect those who are willing to stand up against Nazism.

It’s a lucrative job, somebody gotta do it! 😉

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