Jackie Christie Coupled With Tami Roman Are A Cure For Insomonia

Jackie Christie’s ego is so inflated to the degree that she’s questioning Shaunie O’Neal’s judgement, while daring Shaunie to admit they’re friends. As if that weren’t enough drama, Tami Roman wanna be Kris Jenner, has apparently drunk Jackie’s Kool-aid. Truth be told, next to Shaunie O’Neal the only woman with as much charisma is Evelyn Lozada. Now, don’t get it twisted, bringing Jennifer Williams back into the group was a smart business strategy by Shaunie O’Neal and her team of brilliant collaborators. Shaunie O’Neal is the driving force behind, ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise, but in Jackie’s and Tami’s overinflated egos, they’d foolishly believed they were and are the force behind and in front of ‘Basketball Wives.’

Earth to Jackie and Tami, Shaunie O’Neal is the driving force behind and in front the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise. Here’s what Jackie and Tami bring to the table. Their overinflated egos. What else would you call how Jackie and Tami believed they are the force behind and in front of ‘Basketball Wives.’ Yeah, I’m laughing my ass off too!

Shaunie O’Neal is synonymous with, ‘Basketball Wives.’ Good, bad, and the ugly. She had the courage to pursue her dream and achieve it. I’m not surprised that Jackie and Tami want to steal all the credit of the ‘Basketball Wives,’ franchise, but I’m betting all my money on Shaunie O’Neal to kick Jackie’s and Tami’s ego driven asses. Next season should be a doozy watching Shaunie O’Neal open a can of whoop-ass on Jackie’s and Tami’s ocean size egos.

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