Trump Is Not The First Republican President To Leave America In A Deplorable Condition

Nor will he be the last. Every generation might have to witness this phenomenon. Seriously, sexually repressed, senile, old white con men steal elections, for one reason. They would never be elected by a majority. So knowing that and feeling that, do you understand why Republican Presidents leave America in a deplorable condition?

Democrats aren’t perfect, but we will make progress in America. We will honor every American. We will use our will for good. We did elect our first female President. Shit happened, Trump colluded with Russia and stole the Presidential elections of 2016. Why do you think the biggest con artists in the world are calling for civil war? Rating$ and Profit$.

The Birthers beget Trumpets, same folks, different mask. I can only speak for myself, but I hate to love their ignorant shit. 😉


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