The Culture Of Nazism

Is kaput. Republicans are one day away from impeaching Trump for treason. Pence will pardon Trump before being convicted of treason. But, the Nazi agenda will be kaput. Make no mistake, Trump sent a loving message to Nazis by pardoning Joe Arpaio. It wasn’t Trump’s first love note to Nazis and it won’t be the last. Truth be told, the Republican Party stands behind Nazism. They’re Nazi sympathizers.

Trump is an opportunistic predator, known for betraying everyone and anyone. Yet, millions of people trust him. How is that possible? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because Trump is synonymous with Nazism.

For over twenty years, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, while masquerading as a cable news channel. FOXNEWS took ignorant shit to a new level while promoting soft porn, Female employees were coerced to Fox’s hyper-sexualized aesthetic dress code, and into sex slaves. But, the best part, FOXNEWS and FOXNEWS mini me, Alt-right blogs, Nazi radio, and Nazi churches helped created this culture of Nazism in just twenty years and the rest is history.

The culture of Equality is here. Say hello to ‘Abundance.’