Liberals Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Seriously, hear me out. 😉 We elected our first female President in 2016 and in 2017 we’d received a cat’s bird seat watching Trump, becoming a non mutha f*n factor. MSNBC made FOXNEWS a non mutha f*n factor, so it was inevitable that Trump was next in line. C’mon, Republican’s propensity to underestimate Liberals all the time, has its benefits. That’s all I’m sayin! 😉

Shhhhhh, don’t tell Trump’s supporters to Google the word, ‘Gaslight?’ Why? Because, the truth hurts.

I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters, they love Trump’s ignorant shit. Well, I have some ignorant shit I’m sure Liberals will love to hear. Here it goes. Trump, his family, and his cabal are one day closer to being convicted of treason and sent to prison. How? Because Liberals paved the path for Republicans to give Trump the middle finger. Why? Because of the majority of Americans who on November 9, 2016, elected Fmr. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Presidency and the majority always rule. Think of it this way, the Democratic Party, are aligned with the majority of Americans and we won’t hesitate giving Trump the middle finger. Making it easier for any American to join the club. Trump is a non mutha f*n factor. Ain’t nobody afraid of Putin’s indentured servant.


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