You Ain’t Crazy, The Slacker Culture In Our WorkPlaces Is Reality For Millions Of Americans.

The Delusion of Team Player  

Early on into our new summer assignments, Rosa and I had observed that Josa the New Night Supervisor was an ambition and exemplary worker. So, we offered our services to clean restrooms and empty all the trash towards the end of our shifts each day. Rosa and I had discussed our reasoning for the gesture. It was because of our admiration of this young man. So we approached Josa with our idea, Josa approved, and it was a success because it was the epitome of team work.

Right away, Rosa and I noticed how Josa’s confidence in his new position was on fire. Not because of anything we had done, but because that’s who he is and Rosa and I love to see ambition and exemplary workers. I can only speak for myself, but the Josa’s in this world motivate me to do more.

Well, for some unknown reason, the Friday before Bob the Manager started his vacation, he changed our strategy. He included Antawn our other co-worker into his new strategy. Its no secret that Antawn was a slacker, but still I’d instinctively gave Bob the benefit of the doubt. No sooner than Bob’s return from his vacation, he changed the strategy again. This time Bob’s new strategy was that Antawn would clean the restrooms, while Josa emptied all the trash. Nothing changed for Rosa and myself. Again, I gave Jeff the benefit of the doubt, but when I saw those restrooms on the, ‘A’ corridor, I knew Antawn had given those restrooms the middle finger.

The fact that Antawn was going on vacation that next week, he decided to do what he does best, live up to his slacker mentality. Antawn left those restroom filthy and smelly. Bob’s response after I’d alerted him the Antawn wasn’t cleaning the restrooms, was to gaslight my ass. Bob’s response was to convince me that I’m not a team player. Of course being a team player in Bob’s world means cleaning up after the slacker.

Listen, I know everyone works with a slacker and the slacker’s enablers. I feel you!

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