Don’t Get Mad, Get Wealthy

May I remind you that Trump is an indenture servant to Putin. OK, show me or tell me about anyone afraid of an indentured servant. So, why is Trump bullying? Because ignorant shit sell$. Well, I’d finally got my piece of the pie!

With an insatiable appetite for ending the heartbeat of other people in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest among us, is just more ignorant shit that Republicans $ell. So, why #trumpdontcare? Because ignorant shit sell$. Well then, I’d finally got my piece of the pie?

Don’t deny it, but your vision of Trump, his family, his cabal and elected Republicans all convicted of treason, sent to Guantanamo Bay to serve consecutive life sentences each in a tiny prison cell, is definitely some ignorant shit. Guess what? This ignorant shit sell$.

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