50 Shades Of Collusion

As in Trump, his cabal and the Republican Party are up to their eyeballs in collusion with Russia. But, and here’s the best part, I’d thought the 1% didn’t like Affirmative Action. You now, an active effort to seek help from Government and receive it. OK, suffice it to say, the 1% really love Affirmative Action, but only for themselves. Truth be told, I ain’t mad at 1%, because I’d figured out their motto: ‘Don’t get mad, get wealthy.’ It’s that ignorant shit the 1% hates to love. Guess what? So do I.

In Trump’s world, the rest of us aren’t real people, now that is some ignorant shit. I rest my case. 50 shades of collusion is a must read e-book. 😉

Here’s the future, because our Madam President warned us that Trump was Putin’s puppet, Trump’s supporters can’t blame her for Trump’s impeachment. Oh, I know, a Madam President shit storm already hit our corporate news media followed by a President Obama shit storm. Why? Because our corporate news media knows a lot of us hate to love that ignorant shit. Our corporate news media won’t hesitate serving us that ignorant shit on a huge platter, and some of us can’t wait to feast on those meals. However, our corporate news media hates to love that ignorant shit. Its motto: ‘Don’t get mad, get wealthy.’  You could follow our corporate news media’s motto by hating to love that ignorant shit and create your own wealth. You deserve it. Bottom line, we’re all worthy of abundance! 🙂

Trump’s ignorant shit is a rating$ juggernaut for our corporate news media, now do you get it. Ignorant shit is the new normal. It’s OK, you can hate to love ignorant shit, get wealthy and invest in our Democracy. It’s a very wise investment. Just sayin!

Move over Housewives of Potomac, there are some new bitches in town, The Housewives of the 1%. A brand new reality show starring the Republican Party. Move over Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant, there are two new boss bitches in town, Paul Ryan and Bitch McConnell. Stay tune for the lst episode of The Housewives of the 1% titled, ‘Who’s The Biggest Snivelbitch?’ 

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