Stay Corrupt In The Dark And Lucrative In The Spotlight

You feeling me? Trump and his cabal stayed corrupt in the dark, I ain’t mad at them, they’re lucrative in the spotlight. Lucrative for Bloggers like me. C’mon, Trump is like Black Gold and Texas Tea, yeah baby, I hit the jackpot.

I know a lot of people don’t perceive Trump as I perceive Trump, I feel you believe it or not. That’s my goal, to help myself feel self-confident through blogging. Well, if a story as corrupt as Trump and his cabal felled into your lap, you’d be happy too. Happiness is the ninth wonder of the world, Just sayin!

It’s our turn at seizing the opportunities to create wealth. I’m just following our corporate news media’s motto: Don’t get mad, get wealthy.

An expensive synopsis: Trump and the Republican Party colluded with Russia, to suppressed the vote, even more, in Trump’s favor. Their dilemma is that they stayed corrupt in the dark, but now that it’s the light of day, Trump and the Republican Party are still all about that ignorant shit.

We love it. Madam President what say you?