Madam President, We Love You

Hello, fuck the dumb shit, we did it, elected our first female President. Make no mistake, but and here’s the best part, shit happened. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll admit, I too was blindsided and felt fearful. I feel you, but who said electing the first female President would be easy? I’m happy to report, we back bitches!

That ignorant shit is old school, but still has its benefits, for Bloggers like me. I ain’t mad at Trump, it’s that ignorant shit that keeps his train on the tracks. Our corporate news media had and still is making a fortune with this ignorant shit. I ain’t mad at our corporate news media. I’m paying attention to their motto: Don’t get made, get wealthy. Just sayin’!

Bottom line, fuck the dumb shit, Liberals pat yourselves on the back, we’re not distracted with that ignorant shit Republicans love. We feel Republicans, we ain’t mad at them, but for me, passing Universal Healthcare needs my attention. I really need to go to work. I’m working on Universal Healthcare. What say you Madam President?


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