Russia Influenced #trumpdontcare

Talk about collusion! #trumpdontcare is a gift to Russia as well as the 1%. C’mon, #trumpdontcare that radical idea that you should kill millions of Americans to give tax cuts to the 1% and bribery money to Putin. Those videotapes that Putin possesses, are steep in Trump’s deviant sexual behavior. Plus, Trump, his cabal, and the Republican Party are up to their necks in collusion with Russia (to keep those videotapes out of the public domain).

When Trump’s deviant sexual behavior videotapes are revealed, look for Trump and his cabal to follow these tactics:

  1. Call those tapes, ‘Fake.’
  2. Blame President Obama
  3. Blame President Obama
  4. Blame President Obama

FOXNEWS will do what it does best, operate a brothel, while masquerading as a cabal news channel while beating the drum of, “Blame President Obama.’

Listen, Trump and his cabal are busy scheming to pass #trumpdontcare just so they can declare some victory. But the best part, our corporate news media won’t hesitate calling out the Democratic Party. Yeah, #trumpdontcare is Republican-sponsored murder, but our corporate news media will revel in painting the picture that it’s the Democratic Party that’s the problem in politics. Go figure.

Hello, let’s skip all this drama, Universal Healthcare for all.

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