They’re Not Really People

#trumpdontcare stops a beating heart.

You are only human if you’re the 1%.

A human life begins at one billion dollar$.

#trumpdontcare kills millions of Americans.

Jesus is pro-white supremacists.

It’s easy to be pro #trumpdontcare when you are not the one being killed.

Americans were born to be free, if only they were free to receive quality healthcare.

#trumpdontcare kill$ those who are not the 1%. 

#trumpdontcare that radical idea that you should kill human beings. 

Shoot a white supremacist masquerading as an elected politician it’s a day of mourning, shot and killed a black man, it’s called, ‘Stand Your Ground.’ 

#trumpdontcare is murder. 

#trumpdontcare kills uninsured Americans and then spits on their graves by giving the wealthiest among us a tax cut. 

#trumpdontcare is Republican-sponsored murder. 

Our Liberation can’t be bought with the blood of uninsured Americans. 

#trumpdontcare is a perfect example of how Trump, his cabal, elected Republicans and Republican voters don’t see the rest of us as human beings. 

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