Trump’s Grandma Panties

While our corporate news media apparatus is clearly obsessed with painting a picture that Democrats are losing, it missed the part about Trump being a Narcissistic Sociopath, addicted to penis enlargement pills, and that he wears grandma panties.

A picture is worth a thousands words, because, ‘Dude looks like a lady.’


C’mon, Trump has man boobs, he’s addicted to penis enlargement pills, he’s also extremely misogynistic, and he’s clearly wearing a pair of grandma panties in the above photo. Look at his hips, he could birth an elephant.

Trump and his cabal will snatch healthcare from millions of Americans because cruelty is an aphrodisiac for them. And in order to add salt into those wounds, Trump and his cable will give the wealthiest among us another tax break, all while being in collusion with a foreign Dictator. But and here’s the best part, our corporate news media apparatus calls that, ‘winning.’ Hmmmm, I wonder why?

The grandma panties gang, aka Trump, Bitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, etc…are coming to a cable news channel near you. When you mention the name Putin around them, their tough guy disappears and their bitch comes out.

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