Meet John Obama

One of Trump’s many personalities. John Obama is tall, handsome, intelligent, long, lean, successful, wealthy black man, married to a beautiful black women. Oh, you didn’t know Trump suffered from a ‘Split Personality Disorder?’ Well, you’ve come to the right blog, and do your friends a favor by telling them to about Trump’s other ‘brother.’

C’mon, it’s no secret that Trump’s parents fuck him up royally. We also know they were white supremacists. One of the many negative consequences of being the child of a white supremacist, is being neglected, ignored, and constantly disparaged and belittled. In Trump’s case, he grew up to become a Narcissistic Sociopath. Don’t be scared of Trump, trust me, Trump is his own worst enemy.

You wanna know why the corporate news media is giving Trump a pass? For rating$ and profit$. Seriously, Heaven must be missing an Angel, because Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t act like you didn’t already know about John Barron and John Miller. Trump’s other personalities! Well, John Obama made his debut yesterday. Although, I could be wrong, John Obama could’ve made his debut months ago, maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Opps, my bad!

History will record that Trump was the architect of his own destruction.

Pass the popcorn, I can’t make this shit up!

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